The Story of 528 Hz

Love one. Love all.

Spreading the love...

We are the Elder family; Hilde and Sam, our three children and two beautiful furballs. We put our heart and soul into every aspect of our business and run the business as a family. The formulating, designing, marketing, bottling, labeling, packing and shipping are all done from the apothecary on our farm.

Our formulations have been perfected over 10 years by Hilde, a holistic doctor with 18 years experience as an herbalist, alchemist, acupuncturist, nutritionist and healer. We strive to use the cleanest and simplest formulations to create powerful, yet gentle results.

We want to share our love with the world. When you embrace self care that leads to positive physical, spiritual and emotional shifts, others feel it. Likewise, when you love yourself abundantly you can love others abundently... Love one. Love all.

Why 528 Hz...

Our products are highly concentrated. We use sustainable and superior quality ingredients. Our formulations have high concentrations of bio-active plant oils. We skip the fillers.

Our formulations work with your body. We honor the complexity of chemistry while respecting the simplicity of mind - body - spirit alignment.

Our commitment to glass. Although more expensive, glass doesn't leach toxins, harm the environment, and is easy to recycle.

Our commitment to less waste. Re-purposing packaging, reusing bubble wrap and biodegradable packing peanuts are 3 ways we demonstrate eco-conscious awareness.

Our products are Handmade with Love. Each batch is made by hand in our apothecary. Some of the ingredients are grown on the farm. Every product is infused with 528 Hz.

We ditched the fancy box. No fancy box for our products, which keeps our prices lower than our competitors and saves paper-waste.

Our promise...

Our story begins with our promise. We promise to stand in love and light.

Our mission is to help people love themselves more so that they may love each other more. Love is the frequency that connects us with one another. Love is the building block of cultures. Love fosters connections that create friendships, families, communities, and societies. The more you love yourself and take care of yourself, the greater capacity you have to love others.

Allow your inner beauty to radiate by aligning with high vibration, toxin free formulations that are rooted in the wisdom of nature. Allow yourself to emanate the frequency of love and you will shine and attract more love.

The 528 Hz Guarantee

If you are not 100% in love with your your skincare or tincture you can send it back for a full refund of the product.

Shipping from Sea to Shining Sea and Beyond!

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