Shed & Glow
Shed & Glow
Shed & Glow
Shed & Glow

Shed & Glow

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The epic body transforming duo: Skinny Drops 💦 + 3 step anti-aging skincare protocol + Body Oil

💦Reduce Inflammation 

💦Lose weight

💦Increase energy

💦Improve mood

💦Improve sleep quality 

The combo lasts @ 1 month. Take drops 3 x/day before meals while adhering to the suggested nutrition plan. (Hilde will send you more information on this with your order.) 

Facial protocol: Cleanse AM & PM with our beloved non drying, refreshing, bubbly cleanser then apply the magical Bright & Tight Activator to a cotton ball and sweep in circular motions over face neck and chest. Then apply the Golden Nectar.

Indulge in the Love Your Body Oil when you need a moisture infusion 

 When you use the products as advised, you will transform your body and your skin; glowing from within, out. Hilde's favorite part of the Balancing Skinny drops is the improved sleep, balancing of hormones and reduction in inflammation. And many people are enjoying weight loss benefits as well, when adhering to the nutritional suggestions.


If not now, when?💦✨🫶🏻